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Scanning Services

Magnolia offers high-volume, high-quality scanning services to our customers. We utilize some of the industry’s premier scanning software tools to capture images and deliver data to our clients. Our Imaging Specialists have years of experience and are ready and eager to accommodate your scanning needs!

Bring us your most complex or convoluted document sets to us -- binders, packets, bench books -- we will convert them into a manageable digital format for you. We employ methods of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that all of your scanned documents can be properly indexed and appropriately added to your Summation or docuement presentation case files. Easily search through years of damaged paper with one click. Bring us your documents today and return with an organized digital document library.

The imaging services offered by Magnolia include batch printing, TIFF File conversions, document coding and de-duping, field indexing, load file creation, and electronic endorsing. Magnolia can also batch print or convert electronic files to TIFF image files.

Being aware of the needs many law firms face, including voluminous print jobs and managing documents in multiple formats, we like to partner with companies to streamline this process, so that our clients can focus on the most important aspects of their business. We are able to work with files from email text, attachments, other electronic document formats, and images, and we do this in an entirely automated process.

Some of our preferred brands include:

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