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Electronic Discovery

Magnolia Legal Support is an experienced provider of eDiscovery solutions. Although our main customer base has traditionally been concentrated in the Legal Industry, we have the capability to service any size corporation, hospital, or any business that may need an eDiscovery solution. We have the capacity to de-dupe and produce electronic files and email using benchmarked industry software tools. In addition, we can allow customers to review meta-data, full text, TIFF images and native files.

Here are some other the items that you can expect to get from Magnolia when we provide E-Discovery solutions for your business:

  • Project scheduling flexibility
  • Experience in dealing with a wide range of file types and exception reports of those files
  • Quality checking of every electronic file converted
  • Competitive pricing for file conversion, web hosting, culling, and TIFF production

Some of our preferred brands include:

Access Data